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My Rules of RP

I thought posting these would help new people decide whether they wanted to approach me about RP here on LJ and on Twitter.

1 - Venues - I do not RP in private venues or in IM. I do not lock down my Twitter. What I do is out in the open for all to see. That includes smut if it happens.

2 - The Smut - I do not RP for the sake of smut. If smut happens, and it is dictated by the characters' chemistry, then that is cool. I RP a lot of m/m. I'm horribly out of practice with m/f, and I have never done f/f. I hardly RP females, so it's not much of an option for me these days. I hate having to list the Smut so high on the list, but since it's the reason so many people RP, I felt the need.
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