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italianeaglesct's Journal

Peter Petrelli
27 December
Peter Petrelli – The Italian Eagle Scout

Name: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes AU
Played by: Milo Ventimiglia
Canon Break: AU please see bio below
Ability: Pretty sure I've got most of them.


When I was 14 I had a horrible nightmare. My brother, Nathan, was testing a plane for the Navy, and it blew up. I woke up screaming, and ran to my parent’s bedroom. Sure I was 14 and too old for that kind of thing technically, but it was Nathan. I heard my mother screaming before I touched the door. She’d had the same dream.

My brother was dead, and I was never going to be normal again. Ma never recovered. She cried all the time, and eventually dad had her sent to a hospital. Dad told me I was special, and he had work for me.

He took me to the Company, locking me in rooms with other Specials to absorb their powers. He didn’t care if it made me sick to take on too many. He said that made me weak, and he’d drag me shivering and sweating to do it again. If he liked them, he let them go. If he didn’t, he’d take their power after I copied it.

By the time I was 18 there wasn’t much I couldn’t do. I forgot about life outside of the Company. I’ve been an agent ever since. It’s what I do. I bag and tag. I’m their weapon now.

Arthur pushed me too far. He made me take mind reading, and I could see what a twisted fuck he was. I saw his plans for me. He and Linderman wanted me to blow up New York. They thought it was acceptable for me to kill .07% of the world’s population, so that Arthur could get real political power. Power they murmured would have been Nathan’s if he’d lived.

Dad had me in his limo. He was taking me to meet Tedd Sprague, the nuclear man, so that I could copy his power. I had another plan. When we got out of the car, I shot my father in the gut. It’d be a slow painful death, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t be his weapon. I left him bleeding out on the street. I knew he’d die. Good riddance.

I went back to the Company and waited to hear about the death of my father.

This is a fanfic/roleplay journal. I do not own Peter Petrelli, and I have no affiliation with NBC/Universal. No copyright infringement is meant, and no profit is made by the author of these fics. I write Peter out of love of a wonderful character.

Character AU Bio - By me
Layout by - janine42584 art by me.

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